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Yusupov Hospital

Yusupov hospital was founded in 2014 and it is truly a unique medical institution. The hospital is located in the historical district of Nagornaya neighborhood, where in the XIX century a hospital built by the generous benefactor and sponsor, lord Boris Yusupov was functioning. The historical building of the hospital was located not far from the Cheremushki-Znamenskoe estate. Unfortunately the building itself has been demolished, there are numerous documents confirming the existence of the hospital.

The newly restored Yusupov hospital is a four story medical facility with innovative equipment. technologies and an amazing team of doctors.

The modern Yusupov Hospital is meant to follow the great traditions of medicine in the Russian Empire, combining them with the most modern and effective treatment protocols. The hospital is focused on providing the best medical care in the fields of rehabilitation and palliative care in neurology and oncology. 

Yusupov Hospital consists of the following medical departments:

  • Neurology department

  • Oncology and chemotherapy department

  • Memory loss and Alzheimers center

  • Rehabilitation medical center

The hospital also contains an outpatient department, a hospital with 150 patients beds, an intensive care unit a diagnostic facility.

Our main goal is to provide patients with the most effective medical care, that is focused on complete recovery, rehabilitation and achieving visible improvements  in patients with chronic or incurable pathology.

We base all of our treatment decisions on the most modern medical methods and technologies, the most innovative protocols for cancer or neurology patients and, what is also very important for this group of patients. we focus on providing impeccable service, including food, comfortable rooms and beds, personal assistance and chaperoning for patients.

The team of doctors in Yusupov hospital is working on treating patients with the folllowing conditions

  • neurological pathologies — from chronic and acute neuralgias, trauma and stroke impacts to multiple sclerosis and other neurodegenerative conditions

  • memory less, Alzheimers disease and other types of dementia in patients of all ages.

  • cancer patients: from diagnostic procedures, chemotherapy to rehabilitation of patients after surgeries, along with multidisciplinary pain management and palliative care.

For more information please call us or leave a message through our automated message system

117186 Moscow

17/6 Nagornaja st.

(499) 750-00-04



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